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Financing Information

We at Limousine Network Sales consider financing the single most important ingredient in purchasing any vehicle for the transportation industry. It sometimes dictates whether you buy NEW or USED depending on different issues; your credit score, time in business, comparable debt and your business banking balances. In most states your LOCAL BANK will not entertain financing any commercial vehicles especially limousines; no matter how great your credit profile.

Buyers waste precious time searching for commercial vehicles, NEW and USED; before knowing if they will get approved. Even if you find the vehicle; you may lose it when you are not able to purchase it immediately! If you consider yourself a NON CASH BUYER; THEN you need financing first. STEP II finding your vehicle.

Many dealership salesmen depend on their overworked Finance Managers to give them approval. The Finance Manager is sometimes more concerned with SHOPPING THE CLIENT than understanding who that client is, and what she or he deserves. This results in too many inquiries on your CREDIT REPORT and approvals that are to high on rate.

At Limousine Network Sales each of our salesmen are highly trained regarding financing. We ask the right questions about your credit, time in business and banking information. With that information we can immediately establish the following:

    • Your down payment moneys
    • Terms, 36, 48 or 60 months
    • Purchase or Lease
    • Monthly payment including taxes
    • Approximate interest rate   

Remember the most important ingredient when shopping for equipment; with the right financing you can purchase a higher quality vehicle.

Many clients get too involved in how must the ASKING PRICE IS. When you finance its not how much it is up front; it is how much it is after 36, 48 or 60 months including taxes, registration and interest. Another important fact to remember is that when you trade in or sell that vehicle in the future; the higher the quality the higher the resale. Pay me NOW I’ll Pay You LATER!

Please click here to fill our credit application and then call us at 714-373-9309 for consultation before we process your application. Also provide your last three (3) months business banking statements (first page only of each).

Thank you,

Limousine Network Sales